This space corner consists of three devoted hitting a corner moduls. The connection of the individual hitting a corner modules works over three clips, which are used on tension to ensure a safe stop. A loosening of the clips divides the space corner into their three hitting a corner modules.


Modul 2_001
Modul 2_010
Modul 2_009
Modul 2_008
Modul 2_007
Modul 2_006
Modul 2_005
Modul 2_004
Modul 2_003
Modul 2_002


Also the space corner no.1 consists of three hitting a corner modules, pushed diagonally into one another. Each of these three hitting a corner modules holds the others in firm position. Only by a simultaneous diagonal shift of the hitting a corner moduls the space corner can be opened again.

Design by Matthias Pinkert

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