The idea of cook top vesta is to give young, busy professionals more space to prepare their food and to give them more comfortable during the cooking. Young professionals do have mostly less space in their flats. Through a maximum flexibility in job and therefore in the place of residence they live in small apartments with a little fitted kitchen. So, the working area is very limited to prepare any food. Sinks and cook tops disturbs activities like cutting vegetables or knead the dough for the cake. In some cases you don’t need sink or cook top. Cook top vesta solve this problem through a fold up in a vertical position during the not using. So, it comes to more working area and you don’t want any extra kitchen utensils, like cutting boards to put over the sink or cook top, anymore.


Electrolux Design Lab08 Vesta
Cooktop Vesta_009
Cooktop Vesta_008
Cooktop Vesta_007
Cooktop Vesta_006
Cooktop Vesta_005
Cooktop Vesta_004
Cooktop Vesta_003
Cooktop Vesta_002


Additional a scanner is included, which is able to read out information’s from a RFID Chip. Future projects show that the RFID Chip will replace the bar code on the product packagings. The chip could except the price also contain information’s about the cooking time, cooking temperature, ingredients and even receipt suggestions. The user holds the packing by the scanner of vesta and the cook top takes over the control of cooking temperature and cooking time. A display shows the suggested values and receipts. The user can decide if he wants to change the values or start the cooking immediately. After cooking the cook top switch off by itself. The user does not have care about cooking time and temperature, but will suggested and taken over from the cook top. The cook top vesta is working with the technology induction.



Design by Matthias Pinkert


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